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Miguel M. Soto Dierection

Miguel M. Soto

Santiago Verdugo Dirección Artistic and Technical Direction

Santiago Verdugo
Artistic and Technical Direction

César Leal Animation Direction

César Leal
Animation Direction

“Sopa de Sobre” has its origin in the association, in 1996, of several professionals in the field of illustration and traditional animation. The Group was originally part of “Alquimia Imagen Digital” and subsequently (from 1998 to 2000) formed part of “Esfera Animación y Efectos Digitales”.

The Group offers a wide range of services, including all forms of 2D & 3D animation, animation direction services and creative publicity and cinema. In the course of our professional history, we have worked with companies such as CUATRO TV, TELSON, TIEMPO/BBDO, MCCANN ERICKSON, LEO BURNETT, CONTRAPUNTO, CARTEL, TAPSA, BASSAT & OGILVY, CANAL+, TESAURO, FILMAX ANIMATION, TWENTY CENTURY FOX….

High standards of craftsmanship and versatility are the pillars of our business. The members of the Group come from different backgrounds and styles. The combination of numerous skills and valuable know how allow the Group to successfully undertake any project in the animation field.